About Us

Community Forum is not for profit grass root organization which works to contribute towards community driven approach for sustainable development through interventions in women and girls rights promotion, Education and vocational skills enhancement, Food Security, Health and Nutrition promotion including HIV/AIDS awareness raising and prevention. It was incorporated in Malawi as Not for Profit Company limited by guarantee in June 2018. To achieve its objectives, Community Forum works very closely with the community at grass roots in collaboration with the government structures at local and national levels alongside international, and national non-governmental and community based organizations sharing the vision for humanity in Malawi and the world. Community Forum recruits members virtually from around the community it works and the strategy to realize the mission lies in community involvement during project development. Community Forum is confident that, to change community attitudes and strengthen their skills and knowledge, there is need to take into account their potential and involvement to become enlightened, healthy and democratic community free from SGBV, child marriage, hunger, disease and poverty.