About Us

COFO is a youth-led non-profit organization that builds community-driven approaches for sustainable development. Our interventions focus on improving the lives of women and girls, education, environment, food security, health and nutrition promotion and HIV/AIDS care and prevention awareness. It was incorporated in Malawi as a local not-for-profit organisation in 2018 June and registered under Company Limited by Guarantee; RG No: 1011976.

COFO’s Mission is to challenge socio-economic inequalities and assist in navigating the vulnerable populations in Chikwawa district toward self-reliance.

The Vision of COFO is to build a community where all citizens have the opportunity for a high quality of life, including but not limited to high standards of education, gender equality, health and entrepreneurship. 

Our Values => SHARE

*Social Justice *Honest and Hard Work *Affection and Trust* Respect for Human Rights* Excellence*

Our Objectives:

  • To promote educational opportunities in underserved and underfunded communities
  • To promote girls and women’s rights by providing safe spaces for learning and opportunities for skills development
  • To promote access to primary healthcare and to foster behaviour changes.
  • To promote food security through self-sustainable community agriculture
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