Community Forum is a vibrant local organization that offers a powerful vision built on our belief that partnership with local communities has a vital role to play in development and in building a more just and sustainable community. The programs we offered focus on improving the lives of women and girls, education and vocational skills, climate change, food security, health, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, social, cultural and economic. It was incorporated in Malawi as not-for-profit Company limited by guarantee in June 2018 and registration in 2019 on 3rd September, RG No: 1011976.

Our mission is to challenge socio-economic inequalities and assist in navigating the vulnerable populations in Chikwawa district toward self-reliance.

The vision is to build a community where all citizens have the opportunity for a high quality of life, including but not limited to high standards of education, gender equality, health, and employment/entrepreneurship. 

Our objectives

  1. To create sustainable capacity and support mechanisms within and between communities.
  2. To promote dialogue, debate and change in beneficiary communities.
  3. To promote formal and informal education and trainings.
  4. To instill a new culture of entrepreneurship, especially among the rural masses.
  5. To amplify community participation for better improves of healthcare (HIV/AIDS, SRHR, and SGBV), treatment and support.


Company Limited by Guarantee

Registration No: 1011976